Marfa New Years in Out & About

122511cosmico_7_1246955a_1(Community Matters) I love that Michael Barnes captures so many snippets from some of our guests over the 5 – 6 days of Marfa New Years – in Out & About

Marfa New Years included Saturday night (12/28) at the Gage in Marathon, dinner at their restaurant, well taken care of by Chef Mike Alvarez; Sunday: excursion through Big Bend, into Boquillas, Mexico for green chili enchiladas & cold cervezas (the border crossing had been closed after 9/11 until this year), then  into Terlinqua, then finally to Marfa, checking into Hotel Paisano (well, our guests checking in at least – we just a block over); Monday:  hiking to the summit of Mt. Livermore (the highest mountain in the Davis Mountains @ 8.3k feet), and a Star Party at the McDonald Observatory, Jon serenading us in the Rock Hudson Suite & terrace (which we opened up for 4 nights as Marfa NYE central); Tuesday: a few took private tours of Chinati and Judd, Julie Speed hosted a private gallery reception for us, then of course the New Years Eve party in the Rock Hudson; Wed: a lazy NY day of hanging, playing cards, playing banana gram, visiting Dick & Janie’s epic day event; Thursday the 2nd: many good byes, wrapping it all up – the remaining 8 of us having dinner at Padres after a reception MPR hosted in my honor for two years as president & ceo (thank you especially to Ginger & Tom Michael). In a vulnerable moment, may I admit being seriously touched by the 50+ guests who attended at the end of a long week. It was sometimes a tough two years and we made epic progress in Midland/Odessa, digitally, staffing, with 2 new towers in the Big Bend region and in programming & news. 

I’d been telling guests to prepare for Steven’s midnight request that they share a word for 2014. Some I captured: Ron Berry: WRITE, Anna Jackson: WILDERNESS, Graham Reynolds: LEARN, Shawn Sides: RESPOND, Michael Barnes: GREAT, David: JOY, Ronnie O’Donnell: VEGETABLES, Saarin Keck: TRAVEL, Will Roman: INDEPENDENCE, Garrick Stephens: PROGRESS, Kim Hughes: STEDFAST, Kyle Hughes: JUBILATION.

Some of our other guests included: Susan Ghertner, Hazel Barbour, Molly Christie Benson, Peter Benson, Mitch Berman, Ingrid Johansen, Daniel Berman, Isaac Berman, Solyve Berman, Gary Cooper, Richard Hartgrove, Lawrence Morgan, Allison Orr, Blake Trabulsi, Geneveve Trabulsi, JoJo Trabulsi, Ofer Shaul, Ella Shaul, Asher Shaul, Eli Sepulveda, Luci Sepulveda, Eli J Sepulveda, Paulina Sepulveda, Greg Kwedar, Clint Bentley, Klaus Kroyer Madsen, Michael Feferman, Rachel Feferman, Nina Feferman, Mellie Price, Elizabeth Myers, Becky Arrega, Lynn Currie, Ross Buhrdorf, Emily Keeton, Gerardo Menchaca, Micah King, Mike Anderson, Dan, Danielle Barnes, Jon Simmons, Michelle Hartle, Amanda Chiampi, Jason Laufenberg, Christina Weiss Lurie, Barbara Eberlein, Julie Speed, Fran Christina.

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