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npr gentrification(Community Matters) NPR on gentrification – Long A Dirty Word, Gentrification May Be Losing Its Stigma. Reminds me what my friend, Juan Mesa once told me about gentrification. And, resonates with the enthusiasm long time Chestnut residents had about certain goods, services & prices finally available near their neighborhood. Admittedly, the qualifier for this broadcast and one’s perspective is “may be a boon to the residents WHO ARE ABLE TO STAY.” We’ve gotta do more to help long time residents afford to stay in their homes.

Sexual Orientation Subject to Heightened Scrutiny

(Community Matters) I’m pretty sure this (if correctly interpreted) is a much bigger deal than attention received (or maybe everyone else already realized this w/ Windsor): “The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, in a unanimous decision, held that discrimination based on sexual orientation is subject to heightened scrutiny — a decision the court concluded has been made in action, though not in word, by the Supreme Court itself.” on Towelroad

Income Segregation in Austin

(Community Matters) I’d missed this in the AAS earlier: Austin’s growing income gap and physical segregation by income, Dan Zehr.