npr gentrification(Community Matters) NPR on gentrification – Long A Dirty Word, Gentrification May Be Losing Its Stigma. Reminds me what my friend, Juan Mesa once told me about gentrification. And, resonates with the enthusiasm long time Chestnut residents had about certain goods, services & prices finally available near their neighborhood. Admittedly, the qualifier for this broadcast and one’s perspective is “may be a boon to the residents WHO ARE ABLE TO STAY.” We’ve gotta do more to help long time residents afford to stay in their homes.

One response to “Gentrification

  1. Eugene! HNY! As I mentioned when we visited at WV, AA would provide you with a position paper regarding our app for a full power NCE in the LaGrange area. I think you will agree, that at least until which time we have the CP in hand (and we have now been waiting 6+ years) there is no great need to do so.
    However, we hope that you will be kind enough to consider advising us on some Texas public radio matters again this year. Plz consider it one of your “immediate past president” type efforts, of which there are many, I am sure.
    Larry Monroe and his radio pal Phil Music, R.I.P.!
    cheers, jim ellinger Austin Airwaves

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