Wendy Davis for Governor

Wendy_Davis_2013(Community Matters) Enjoyed attending Wednesday evening reception Lynn & Tommie Meredith hosted for Wendy donors to hear from her campaign manager, Karin Johanson, as well as her co-chairs Aimee Boone & Kirk Rudy plus friends like Adrienne Donato. Julie Blakslee & John Spong, Jeannie & Mickey Klein, Steve Adler & Diane Land, Patsy Wood and many other Wendy supporters on hand too. $12.2mm raised from over 70,000 donors and they are still out gunned financially 3:1 – important to remember they started less than 4 months ago outgunned 20:1. We heard the numbers, a little about the strategy, the probabilities are up from the start – still a climb but doable.

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