AAS on Austin Mayor’s Race

(Community Matters) Austin American Statesman on 2014 mayors race. 


Steve-Alder aas

Nice write ups on three friends. Of course, I’m partial to Steve Adler in this race (right person, right time), while a big fan of Patsy Woods Martin and Bill McLellan too. Two other friends rumored to be running – appears Council member Mike Martinez is already polling. Council member Sheryl Cole expressed an interest in running a couple of years ago. I haven’t seen her in quite some time but assume that’s still the case. I love the idea of an African American or Hispanic mayor, just believe it’s time to move to new players and the best one able to lead 10 new council members from defined districts.  The AAS article from Thursday notes Mark Williams has decided not to run – he’s a dear friend and, as always, a total class act.

I’m always a bit flustered to see my blog quoted without anyone contacting me but like the use and relevance in this story so can’t complain.

disclosure: I’m honored to be the treasurer for Steve’s campaign.

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