Daily Archives: 02/03/2014

Sorta Quick Trip to NYC

(Community Matters) Steven & I departed for NYC earlier today. Half way there, the pilot announced that EWR was snowed in, turned the plane around and brought us back to Austin.

Funny, we so enjoyed being together – seated together, resting against each other – it wasn’t such a bad day. Bummed that we missed dinner with our godson and friends, however.

Liked that one of the flight attendants asked how long we’d been together. When we told her 15 years, she expressed surprise. She told us we acted like a couple newly in love. Funny, every time we get such concentrated time together in such close, physical proximity, we are sorta newly in love.

Thousands of conservatives march in Paris, yelling `Jews, get out of France!`

french-antisemitism(Community Matters) Stunning reports of rising anti-Semitism in France.

French conservatives, following the example of American Republicans, are trying to use gay marriage, and gay rights generally, as part of a larger wedge to divide Frenchmen and win future elections on the backs of the country’s gay and lesbian community.

But of course, as we’ve learned far too often, once you start fanning the flames of intolerance, it’s awfully hard to control the animus you’ve created.

french fascist-salute1Anti-gay demonstrators in Paris give the fascist salute while confronting police during an anti-gay-marriage protest in 2013.

Hat Tip: Towelroad