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Coke’s America The Beautiful

(Community Matters) Love this commentary about those protesting the Coke commercial.

& well noted that America The Beautiful was written by a gay songwriter, Katharine Lee Bates

Steven’s New Website

(Community Matters) StevenTomlinson.com

I’m loving it. Okay, okay, need to update our ABPorter.org site – completely agree.

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if you check it out, be sure to check out the Executive, Sales and Keynotes sections and toggle your cursor over the underlined words. Major kudos to Cody Haltom at Public School who designed the website.

Phillip Tomlinson Bridge

(Community Matters) Well deserved honor for Phil who served as Secretary of State for Transportation – the naming of a bridge in his honor.

phil bridge


Facebook Video

(Community Matters) These are kinda cool

fb video


my facebook video here