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RIP Pete Seeger

(Community Matters) I never met Pete Seeger, or PeterPop as he’s referred to by his grand and great grandchildren, but I sure feel as if I know him through osmosis. His courage and clarity stand out as a north star. Even in his death he inspires us to stand tall, to stand true and to the highest standards of engagement with others and our planet.

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photos w/ permission of Dio

PeterPop with some of his great grandkids – they aren’t our godchildren (hmm, why not?), niece or nephew but equally familyDio & Gabel Cramer . . . of Sonya & Reid Cramer.

A nice remembrance of PeterPop by our friend David Corn, Mother Jones, below the jump. Bruce Springsteen’s here.

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Frank Rich on Fox News

(Community Matters) Stop Beating a Dead Fox: The conservative news channel’s only real power is in riling up liberals, who by this point should know better.

Sochi Olympic Sponsors

(Community Matters) 

James O’Keefe

james_okeefe_ap_605(Community Matters) Not sure why this guy gets away with dicing and slicing videos, misrepresenting situations and getting people fired before the doctoring of videos is discovered. Why hasn’t someone brought a civil suit against him? James O’Keefe, ‘new sheriff in town,’ targets Battleground Texas

Quick Marfa Trip

969037_10151822859674458_865632539_n(Community Matters) Billy Calve and I took our sweet time getting here yesterday – nearly 9 hours. Slow leaving Austin (couple of errands and wrecks on every overpass because of the ice). Billy’s first time to Marfa. Unfortunately, Steven traveling between Houston, Baltimore, Chicago & Traverse City while we’re here.

marfa aerial

Took it slow until reached Johnson City where the ice hadn’t reached. Of course stopped in at Coopers BBQ in Junction City – always a treat to see Mark Cooper (a grandson of George Cooper who founded the Cooper BBQ dynasty in Mason in 1959) and his wife. They were worried about the ice and driving in Austin since both sons attend UT.

Dinner last night with Garrick Stephens at the increasingly world famous Pizza Foundation – omg, Ronnie O’Donnell makes one of the best pizzas in the country. (Best Pizzas in USA – the Daily Meal and 46 American chefs, restaurant critics, bloggers, writers and “pizza authorities”missed this one.  Graham Reynold’s insights into this list). Spent the evening chatting with Ronnie’s wife, co-owner Saarin Keck, who’s supposed to be flying to DC tomorrow but back up staff sick. Garrick & I were joking about coming in to man the counter and bar – would be way fun, though Ronnie is temperamental and might stuff us in the ovens if we screwed up. As much as I’d love to do this, Paul Boskind & Greg fly in today, we have plans to attend Paula Buhrdorf’s birthday party, then dinner with Julie & Fran. But, might just have to do this if no other way to ensure Saarin able to make her trip – after all, her word for 2014 is TRAVEL.

Breakfast with Emily Keeton, coffee with Ginger & Tim, Judd and Chinati tours, and a Marfa Public Radio board meeting also on today’s agenda.

AAS on Austin Mayor’s Race

(Community Matters) Austin American Statesman on 2014 mayors race. 


Steve-Alder aas

Nice write ups on three friends. Of course, I’m partial to Steve Adler in this race (right person, right time), while a big fan of Patsy Woods Martin and Bill McLellan too. Two other friends rumored to be running – appears Council member Mike Martinez is already polling. Council member Sheryl Cole expressed an interest in running a couple of years ago. I haven’t seen her in quite some time but assume that’s still the case. I love the idea of an African American or Hispanic mayor, just believe it’s time to move to new players and the best one able to lead 10 new council members from defined districts.  The AAS article from Thursday notes Mark Williams has decided not to run – he’s a dear friend and, as always, a total class act.

I’m always a bit flustered to see my blog quoted without anyone contacting me but like the use and relevance in this story so can’t complain.

disclosure: I’m honored to be the treasurer for Steve’s campaign.

Best Wishes Mayor Annise Parker

(Community Matters) Congratulations to Houston Mayor Annise Parker on her marriage last week to Kathy Hubbard, her partner of 23 years.

annise parker

disappointing (though politically not any surprise) that lt governor candidate Dan Patrick and the Harris County GOP feel the need to condemn their marriage.


npr gentrification(Community Matters) NPR on gentrification – Long A Dirty Word, Gentrification May Be Losing Its Stigma. Reminds me what my friend, Juan Mesa once told me about gentrification. And, resonates with the enthusiasm long time Chestnut residents had about certain goods, services & prices finally available near their neighborhood. Admittedly, the qualifier for this broadcast and one’s perspective is “may be a boon to the residents WHO ARE ABLE TO STAY.” We’ve gotta do more to help long time residents afford to stay in their homes.

Sexual Orientation Subject to Heightened Scrutiny

(Community Matters) I’m pretty sure this (if correctly interpreted) is a much bigger deal than attention received (or maybe everyone else already realized this w/ Windsor): “The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, in a unanimous decision, held that discrimination based on sexual orientation is subject to heightened scrutiny — a decision the court concluded has been made in action, though not in word, by the Supreme Court itself.” on Towelroad

Income Segregation in Austin

(Community Matters) I’d missed this in the AAS earlier: Austin’s growing income gap and physical segregation by income, Dan Zehr. 

Wealth Addiction

(Community Matters) Story of the money addiction of a Wall Street traderPleased to stumble on the posting on one our godson’s FB page (Will Roman’s) while he’s reflecting on what’s most important in life. 

The commonality of our really rich friends – they are outward focused, invest their wealth, time and energies in ways that help others too – money as a means not an end. Come to think about it, it’s the commonality of our happiest friends whether rich, middle income or struggling.

St James Connections Dinner

(Community Matters) way fun at our home Saturday night – Franklins BBQ

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