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EF CEO Summit on Corporate Culture

(Community Matters) Last week hosted a CEO Summit on Corporate Culture. More coming; for now these groovy info murals.

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Vegan Enchiladas

(Community Matters) Charles Santos drove down with us from Dallas to attend an event for our dear friend Yakov Sharir. Last night, hosted dinner for Charles, Shawn Sides and Graham Reynolds. Since two of those three and my husband prefer vegan, and since Charles & I love Mexican, found a vegan enchilada recipe (with cilantro avacado cream sauce)– recommend it.

dinner with friends

Titas – La Fete du Ballet

titas 2014 stage reception(Community Matters) Charles Santos pulled it off again – probably his best Titas Gala ever. Fourteen dancers from around the world. Neiman Marcus again the title sponsor. Packed house, the Windspear Opera House at Dallas’ AT&T Performing Arts Center, a champagne reception after on stage, then dinner for 300 in the atrium.


titas 2014 table

Steven and I hosted a super table of friends: Charles, Rick Bond, Cindy Santos, Ed Cunningham, Jim Banks, Ann Arnoult, Margaret Selby & Jessica Lang.

es st cds rb titas 2014

Lemonade Day 2014

(Community Matters) Big day for about 15,000 Austin kids, Lemonade Day 2014. Lots & lots of Lemonade stands around town. Steven interviewed Miranda & April on why they want to be entrepreneurs.


Steve Adler’s Mayoral Campaign Launch

steve adler(Community Matters) Steve Adler launched his campaign yesterday – much fun!

adler for mayor

some of my favorite points from his speech:

  1. Austin is @ a tipping point. Saving the soul of our city means applying our famous creativity & innovation.
  2. How many of you lose too much time trapped in Austin traffic? It’s time to get Austin moving.
  3. Education is key to Austin’s continued success. We have a moral imperative to give our kids the tools to succeed.
  4. Austin is threatened by skyrocketing housing costs, a lack of middle class jobs, rising taxes and fees.
  5. Austin has a “jobs hole” attracting high paying jobs & low paying jobs, but not enough middle class jobs.
  6. Streamline planning & permitting, cutting time & costs, increasing supply & affordability of homes while preserving neighborhood character.
  7. Recommit to elevate Austin as a national leader in conservation and sustainability.
  8. Control land develop code re-write – transparency, open, inclusive process while protecting the character of our neighborhoods & the city we want in 30 years.
  9. Traffic, education, enviro, development – same challenges last 8 yrs. We need a new way forward.

We’re Back

(Community Matters) Sorry friends . . . . long story but the domain name expired. Even if you have settings on auto renewal, appears that when we order domain names through wordpress, we establish new google accounts, such as abcwordpress@gmail.com. It takes a lot to figure this out. And, it takes 3 to 5 days to transfer domain names from google, so . . . .

Thank you for returning.

es steven israel

Steven and I celebrated our 15th anniversary on 4/30. good gosh we looked so much younger just 7 years ago while in Israel.