Steve Adler’s Mayoral Campaign Launch

steve adler(Community Matters) Steve Adler launched his campaign yesterday – much fun!

adler for mayor

some of my favorite points from his speech:

  1. Austin is @ a tipping point. Saving the soul of our city means applying our famous creativity & innovation.
  2. How many of you lose too much time trapped in Austin traffic? It’s time to get Austin moving.
  3. Education is key to Austin’s continued success. We have a moral imperative to give our kids the tools to succeed.
  4. Austin is threatened by skyrocketing housing costs, a lack of middle class jobs, rising taxes and fees.
  5. Austin has a “jobs hole” attracting high paying jobs & low paying jobs, but not enough middle class jobs.
  6. Streamline planning & permitting, cutting time & costs, increasing supply & affordability of homes while preserving neighborhood character.
  7. Recommit to elevate Austin as a national leader in conservation and sustainability.
  8. Control land develop code re-write – transparency, open, inclusive process while protecting the character of our neighborhoods & the city we want in 30 years.
  9. Traffic, education, enviro, development – same challenges last 8 yrs. We need a new way forward.

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