New York

(CommunityMatters) quick trip to NY, accompanying Steven on business. Dinner with Luke Hayes on arrival, then with Rob Oppegard, Suzanne Tick, Emily Keeton & Noah Gillespie. Spent a lot of time at the Judd Foundation with Richard Griggs (two tours, one with Steve) and lunch with Richard discussing Judd Foundation, its mission and future. Totally blown away by the place – highly recommend a tour when next in New York.

Donald Judd purchased 101 Spring Street in 1968: it’s a 5-story cast-iron building designed by Nicholas Whyted, built in 1870. First floor gallery space, second floor dining and kitchen, 3rd floor studio, 4th floor “formal” living space and 5th floor bedroom. Extraordinary light, simplicity and beauty. Inspired. (sorry, not allowed to post pics)

Our first stay at the Standard Hotel – enjoyed it and the Meatpacking District.


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