Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Steve Adler for Mayor of Austin – #7

adler rally aas(Community Matters) Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Steve Adler for Austin’s Mayor

#7 It’s about Austin, not about the candidates. Steve isn’t seeking the job of mayor to realize a personal ambition. He’s stepping up to the plate, sacrificing his and his family’s monetary success to serve the city & citizens of Austin. . . because he believes Austin is headed in the wrong direction.

#8 – Steve knows how to define success. Under Mike Martinez’s leadership Capital Metro slashed free rides for seniors and the disabled and borrowed $35 million – all while ridership decreased. Mike Martinez calls this success.

#9 – If we were interviewing candidates to run our $3 billion business, what criteria would we establish? Experience & success running a business, bachelors or masters degree, transformative leadership with for profit, not for profit & government enterprises, financial acumen & demonstrated financial success? Steve Adler is the only candidate who meets all six criteria.

#10 – property taxes have risen ridiculously during the last 8 years while traffic, affordability & the quality of city services have gotten worse. We need a new way forward.

my top 10 list isn’t from Steve’s campaign. These reflect my personal opinions only.




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