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Steven. Chill. Molokai.

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Steven Molokai


my heart still sings when I see this man

The Best Lies are Half Truths

(Community Matters) After being slimmed by half truths in a speech on Friday, it occurred to me this must be in someone’s written playbook. We see the same practices coming out of Mike Martinez’s campaign – as if channeling Karl Rove combined with some Ted Cruz.
to set the record straight:

Steve Adler & I served on Pres. Obama’s National Finance Committee together. We both canvassed in other states for the President. Steve helped protect Democratic voters on election day. The claims that he’s a Republican supported by Rick Perry are tired & false, more Mike Martinez, mini-KarlRove, politics.

The “Mostly True” PolitiFact finding on the statement that 30 years ago Steve’s partner had a small retainer with what became a Koch pipeline. Steve was in law school when his future partner accepted this engagement, and his Steve’s only dealings with Koch brothers was suing them on behalf of a property owner. Steve’s acknowledged both. The worst lies are half truths. More mini-KarlRove w some TedCruz too. Jeez


Joined Liberal Austin Democrats tonight for their annual party.
Steve Adler at yesterday’s Liberal Austin Democrats tonight for their annual party. let’s not forget he won the endorsement of University Democrats, Austin Neighborhoods Council, Austin Progressive Coalition, Central Austin Democrats, Dove Springs Proud, Network of Asian American Organizations PAC, North by Northwest Democrats, Stonewall Democrats, Travis County Asian American Democrats . . .