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Top 10 Reasons Steve Adler #1: Caring, Successful & Committed

 ADLER STEP 1(Community Matters) Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Steve Adler for Austin’s Mayor

#1: Steve cares deeply about Austin & its residents, and Steve knows Austin can do better than the last 8 years. He’s got an impeccable track record of business, personal and civic success. He’s dedicated his adult life to helping others. Politicians who say it takes a politician to get things done have lost their way.

From 26th worst traffic to 4th worst traffic in the nation during the last 8 years; Cap Metro: decreased ridership, increased debt, increasing fares, suspending free rides for seniors & the disabled; wasting $2 billion on a wood-burning power plant environmentalists urged us not to build; wasting $1 billion on a new water treatment plant water conservationists urged us not to build; annually raising property taxes & fees and spiraling utility rates. . . AUSTIN CAN DO BETTER. Elect A NEW WAY FORWARD

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