Top 10 Reasons Steve Adler #1: Caring, Successful & Committed

 ADLER STEP 1(Community Matters) Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Steve Adler for Austin’s Mayor

#1: Steve cares deeply about Austin & its residents, and Steve knows Austin can do better than the last 8 years. He’s got an impeccable track record of business, personal and civic success. He’s dedicated his adult life to helping others. Politicians who say it takes a politician to get things done have lost their way.

From 26th worst traffic to 4th worst traffic in the nation during the last 8 years; Cap Metro: decreased ridership, increased debt, increasing fares, suspending free rides for seniors & the disabled; wasting $2 billion on a wood-burning power plant environmentalists urged us not to build; wasting $1 billion on a new water treatment plant water conservationists urged us not to build; annually raising property taxes & fees and spiraling utility rates. . . AUSTIN CAN DO BETTER. Elect A NEW WAY FORWARD

#2: because the status quo at City Hall causes gridlock in Austin. Because most families can hardly afford their property taxes and Steve’s opponents keep raising taxes, fees, utility rates & city council salaries. It’s time for A New Way Forward

#3: Steve has generated more grassroots enthusiasmthan any council or mayoral candidate in recent history. His donors, supporters and volunteers outnumber those of his two main opponents combined. Steve’s supporters are white, black, brown, hearing, deaf & hearing impaired, gay, straight, transgender, rich, poor and middle class, neighborhood activists, environmentalists, developers, businesswomen, tech entrepreneurs, students, soccer moms, musicians, dancers & other artists. Austin is ready for a new way forward.  

#4 Steve’s been successful in every initiative his entire adult life –education, business, investments, nonprofit leadership, family . . . and extremelygenerouswith his time & wealth – we’re talking A team here. Let’s step it up, Austin. 

#5 Transformative Leadership: Steve has a long history of bringing together all sides, listening, facilitating and moving forward consensus agendas that transform organizations, scale their good in the world. Austin needs this. Time for our council to remake itself, rise above street corner decisions to strategically directing the 11th largest city in America.

#6 Steve Adler is a man of integrity who values people, above the line behavior & focuses on solving Austin’s problems.

#7 It’s about Austin, not about the candidates. Steve isn’t seeking the job of mayor to realize a personal ambition. He’s stepping up to the plate, sacrificing his and his family’s monetary success to serve the city & citizens of Austin. . . because he believes Austin is headed in the wrong direction.

#8 – Steve knows how to define success. Under Mike Martinez’s leadership Capital Metro slashed free rides for seniors and the disabled and borrowed $35 million – all while ridership decreased. Mike Martinez calls this success.

#9 – If we were interviewing candidates to run our $3 billion business, what criteria would we establish? Experience & success running a business, bachelors or masters degree, transformative leadership with for profit, not for profit & government enterprises, financial acumen & demonstrated financial success? Steve Adler is the only candidate who meets all six criteria.

#10 – property taxes have risen ridiculously during the last 8 years while traffic, affordability & the quality of city services have gotten worse. We need a new way forward.

my top 10 list isn’t from Steve’s campaign. These reflect my personal opinions only

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