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Steve Adler up by 21 points in Mayor’s Race

adler martinez(Community Matters)  The Austin Monitor commissioned an independent poll by the renowned Public Policy Polling group.

Steve leads in every demographic group other than tied among Austin Democrats and winning 40% of Hispanics’ support. And, I believe his support among both of these groups is strengthening since Mike’s silly 30-year reach back. I love what a friend at St James told me Saturday night, “if all Mike could find on Steve is something from 30 years ago & it wasn’t even about him, Steve must be a really good guy.”

We know Mike Martinez will go nuclear as a result of this poll. He’s already trying to divide East v West Austin, Hispanic, African American, Asian and White Austinites. Please support Steve’s campaign and vote for a new way forward. 

The Austin Monitor story:

Monitor Poll: Adler’s lead over Martinez increasing

A poll commissioned by the Austin Monitor shows that 56 percent of voters said they would likely vote for mayoral candidate Steve Adler, compared to 35 percent who said they would vote for his runoff opponent, City Council Member Mike Martinez. Only 8 percent of those polled indicated that they were undecided in the mayoral contest.

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