The End Game Isn’t Constitutional Equality

11001817_10152694275758587_575975383803057530_n(Community Matters) Extraordinary honor being recognized by HRC for the work we do together in this community. Receiving an award in honor of Bettie Naylor is especially delightful. Following in this honor such dear friends as Gary Cooper & Richard Hartgrove and Alisa Weldon & Lynn Yedell all the more meaningful. And Mayor Adler proclaiming February 21, 2015 Eugene Sepulveda & Steven Tomlinson Day, well . . . that’s just a cherry on top.

There were two very restless, near sleepless nights leading up to yesterday. What birthed is my realization that the end game isn’t just constitutional equality (as I’ve always thought); it is for every transgender, gay, lesbian and bisexual American in every nook & cranny of this country to be safe, to not fear others finding out who they really are or who they love.

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Loved sharing the evening in the J. W. Marriott ballroom full of so many friends – at our table: Cari Anderson & Tish Smith, Suzanne Deal Booth, Congressman Joaquin Castro, Charles Duggan, Diane Land & Mayor Steve Adler, Cameron Lockley and Kimberley Wilson Vincent. What a treat that Senator Kirk Watson emceed and Aimee & Ed Cunningham presented; they’ve each inspired and engaged us in the work of equality & social equity. . . and very dear friends including: Michael Mitchell, Judge James Arth, Sarah Goodfriend & Suzanne Bryant and Michael Barnes & Kip Keller. (Lynn Meredith wasn’t in the room but I received a text from S. America during the event and felt her & Tommie with us in spirit!)

How lucky am I to share this life with such an extraordinary man who loves, empowers & inspires me. I love you Steven Robert Tomlinson. 

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