Dinner w/ Warren Buffett

(Community Matters) Thanks to my friend Joe Liemandt, a bunch of us flew to New York yesterday to have dinner with Mr. Buffett.

Warren Buffett, Joe Liemandt, Andy Tobias


It was beyond a great trip and evening. Warren was completely gracious, warm and candid. He even gave an important stock tip and freely discussed everything from his observations about the economic recovery (businesses are well positioned, consumer spending is returning), doesn’t worry about deflation, Europe a problem (but doesn’t believe high probability/high impact US contagion), monetary policy v Keynesian (we’ve probably done what we can – the housing overhang is taking time), that his taxes this decade have been at the lowest rate ever, and that people will pay a premium to live and work in the USA (taxes).

I love his genie stories (2 of them, ask me). And, he appears to have near perfect recall citing esoteric statistics with ease and a passage from Andy’s book that Andy even had to stop to recall.

Kirk Rudy, Marc Winkelman, Laura & Morris Gottesman, Joe Ross & Walt Penn joined us on the flight & dinner. Jack & Ava McDonald, Andra Liemandt, Erin Driscoll and Wesley Gottesman flew with us to NY. Robert & Marcy Garriott joined us at dinner. After, a few of us had drinks with Austan GoolsbeeAgapi Stassinopoulos joined us at the end – great to catch up with her and talk about her new book.

One response to “Dinner w/ Warren Buffett

  1. Eugene,
    What a treat, I am so JEALOUS!
    Read the bio, “Snowball” and loved it.

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