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Gallup Poll on Gays by State

(Community Matters) Latest Gallup poll asking if respondent identifies as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. Highest concentration in Washington DC (10%); Texas at 3.3% is at just about the national average (3.5%).

Gallup Poll on gays by state

According to Gallup: “This is the largest single study of the distribution of the LGBT population in the U.S. on record, and the first time a study has had large enough sample sizes to provide estimates of the LGBT population by state.”

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my Tulips

tulips 2(Community Matters)

She said they were a day too old.

I thought perfect for the evening’s dinner.

Four days later, perfection – there is beauty in their bend, when they’re confident displaying the green, yellow and blue within.

If yesterday was perfection, they can’t be perfect today.

Not perfect? Beautiful. Perfection is too subjective. I’ll celebrate beauty instead.

Austin Highline

(Community Matters) I noticed this decaying segment of a railroad bridge behind the Austin Music Hall. It’s quite beautiful. I hope it’ll be preserved as a segment of Austin’s own Highline – ours perhaps dispersed and in bits. I’m hoping the bridge from the Fairmont to the Convention Center can be another.

Austin Highline

Steven Tomlinson’s How To Use Evernote

Untitled-1(Community Matters) It’s no surprise I’m my husband’s biggest fan. He knocked it out of the park in yesterday’s performance of How to Use Evernote, his new 30 minute monologue performed at Frontera Fest.

excerpts: Your life would make sense if you could only remember.

Because it just takes one memory, one redeeming insight, and it’s close. You’ve seen it flash and fade before you can grasp. You curse your feeble memory even as you remember that you’re programmed to forget, that sanity depends on forgetting. You forget that. . . .

But now, there’s Evernote, an online filing system for your every thought. If you’ve got the courage to embrace the full adventure of yourself, Evernote is your ultimate memory upgrade. . . .

apply the Hegel add-on to your original note and spawn its antithesis, its flip side, because what you remember is the Shadow of what you’ve managed to forget. . . .

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Startup Games (aka Austin Startup Olympics)

(Community Matters) Congrats to the founders – uShip, Sparefoot & Boundless as well as all the teams and sponsors of yesterday’s games. Special congrats to SpareFoot for taking gold, uShip for taking silver & Spiceworks for taking bronze – as well as a special shout out to our good friends at Spreadfast for designating EF member company programs as their nonprofit. This year’s purse totaled $30,000.

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Blanton Museum’s 50th Anniversary Gala

blanton suzanne cowboy(Community Matters) Great fun last night as guests of Suzanne Deal Booth & David Booth at the Blanton Museum’s 50th Anniversary Gala.

Loved launching at the museum, I haven’t toured there in way too long. Collectors and supporters loaned many of their works. Richard Hartgrave and Gary Cooper loaned a Michael Tracy. I especially liked City Plot by El Anatsui, a tapestry of aluminum liquor bottle caps and copper wire. It blanton El Anatsui City Plot Eliza and Stewart Stedman Collectionreminded me of Suzanne Tick’s work – who I immediately texted with a pic and of course she knows the work.

Unfortunately, it’s been a busy weekend and we weren’t able to participate in Friday’s & Saturday’s activities. Tommie & Lynn Meredith hosted a cocktail reception Friday night. Deborah Green, Chris Mattson and Jeannie & Mickey Klein hosted house tours of their collections yesterday. Jeannie & Mickey, Suzanne & David and Mary & Howard Yancy were the Austin co-chairs. I believe the event raised $1.2 – $1.3 million – congrats to all.

update: I love Gary Cooper’s pic and  email note:

blanton cooper pic

RE: President Powers and Franco’s Flowers:

Both made very strong, elegant statements. Powers received a thunderous standing ovation; when introduced, Greg Abbott received only a brief light applause. Where was our esteemed governor? Franco (Tiburzcio Herrera) and his beautiful family–Mandarin Flower Company–created a spectacular effect of massive white arrangements floating in space, as well as a towering white display under the Bullock Museum dome. So proud of him!