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President’s State of the Union Address

(Community Matters) A speech focused on restoring economic prosperity to the middle class, with investments in education, infrastructure, clean energy and manufacturing.

I wish he’d talk to the American public and simplify some of the information w/ charts & graphs such as

state of union debt by president   state of union changes income

state of union marginal ratesstate of union top tax rates



Americans have to understand, we’ve never been able to fund our national obligations at a revenue yield of 16.9%, the lowest since 1959, which was before Medicare & Medicaid. We’re not talking about irresponsible spending, we’re talking about irresponsible funding – even with 35% corp tax rates and 40% personal rates, too many pay zero or less than 20%, respectively.  I was unsuccessful in finding a revenue yield chart.

We should show the deficit against a proportional representation for 1) revenues lost from the Bush tax cuts, 2) unfunded medicare prescription program, 3) unfunded war on Iraq, 4) unfunded war on Afghanistan, and 5) monies used to bail out banks & insurance companies.

Suicide Conservatives

(Community Matters) Charles Blow on suicide conservatives in the New York Times

Bush Pics

(Community Matters) Internet sensation, hacking of Bush family email accounts. The pics obtained and now circulating are rather interesting – it’s another side. I sorta like the the self portrait in the tub.

bush shower  bush bathtub

bush painting chappel