Enlightened Analysis: GOP Rep. Rigell

House Reps. Rigell, Ribble, Schrader, And Cooper Discuss The Fix Congress Now Caucus Bill(Community Matters) I’m encouraged by the enlightened perspective of a House GOP member, Scott Rigell, R-VA.

“After I got into office and heard my Democratic friends make the case from the floor so many times that revenues were not high enough, I thought, well, let me either prove or disprove this,” Rigell said. “That took me on a journey of evaluating our budget and looking at historical data — I’m a data-driven person — and it led me to this conclusion: We have a revenue yield under the old tax code … of 16.9 percent. We have not run our republic on that level of revenue since 1959 — before Medicare and Medicaid were even on the table — so I knew that we had a revenue problem.” http://huff.to/W7fte6

Not surprisingly with this perspective, Rep Rigell has come out against holding the nation’s debt ceiling hostage to spending cuts.

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