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Austin American Statesman

(Community Matters) I hate to admit it but increasingly I avoid reading the AAS. While I take home delivery, I’m usually traveling and the online pages are becoming just too cute – too many small pop up windows, folding ads, expanding ads. This is aggravating and pisses me off. I am a paying subscriber, shouldn’t be subjected to this advertising torture.



(CommunityMatters) now that he’s apologized to Amb Jim Hormel and Jim’s accepted and the Pres says he’s good on LGBT equality, I’m good w/ the lgbt equality question. And, I think the objections because he called out a powerful Jewish lobby are silly – no one doubts the Jewish lobby on Capitol Hill is powerful. Republican Senate objections feel personal and childish. They denied the Pres his choice for Secr of State. That’s enough. Fight it out w/ or w/o nuclear filibuster reform.

From Politico’s Playbook: **A message from The Bipartisan Group: The Bipartisan Group recently wrote President Obama to express strong support for Senator Hagel, who reportedly is under consideration for nomination as Secretary of Defense. In these polarized times America needs leaders with the kind of independence of conscience and mind Chuck Hagel’s service to our country has exemplified.

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Gay Okay But Celibate

rowan(Community Matters) Church of England Ends Ban on Gay Men as Bishops [so long as they are celibate]

The conditional is bullshit unless they’re imposing the same condition on their heterosexual bishops. Incremental progress?

Firearms in Texas Schools

(Community Matters) well, guess I don’t want to prejudge this but it doesn’t immediately feel right – Senate leaders consider state funding for teacher gun training

Friday Friends

sonya reid luke(Community Matters) a favored evening catching up with dearest friends. Sonya Cohen & Reid Cramer over drinks and nibbles in the Tabard’s lounge, and Luke Hayes joined us at the end. Dinner at Tabard with Luke, Jamie Citron and Noah Gillespie (Brent hasn’t yet returned from his OK holiday visit).

luke noah jamie

Friday’s NPR Visit

NPR tiny desk concert ES(Community Matters) Super meetings at NPR yesterday. First time to meet Kinsey Wilson (EVP & Chief Content Officer), Margaret Low Smith (SVP News) Anya Grundmann (Director and Executive Producer, NPR Music) and Stephen Thompson (Editor, NPR Music and Tiny Desk Concerts). Looking forward to coming back soon.