Daily Archives: 01/27/2013

33 Variations at Zach Scott

33V-5(Community Matters) Dave Steakley’s directing threads 33 Variations’ three distinct stories in staging as Kaufman did in the script. A satisfying academic mystery with clues for how to heal a relationship is sharpened, enlivened by Beth Broderick’s Zach Scott debut. Anton Nel’s live performance also a coup for Zach Scott and adds a fourth dimension to the evening. Dave’s direction, Beth Broderick, Anton Nel and stellar cast members – including Barbara Chisholm – Zach’s presentation of 33 Variations is a powerful & deeply satisfying performance, providing the audience with a full tour of our emotions. I’m glad we laugh and smile at the end.


President’s Inauguration Speech

dean maher(Community Matters) “I thought the speech was something Americans ought to embrace, which was equal rights for all Americans,” Howard Dean defending the President’s speech against Republicans criticizing it as too partisan.

and Senator Rand Paul really does travel on the same space ship as his father

“you have 49% crackpots in your party and we only have about 10[%]”