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Bloomberg on Gun Control

bloomberg(Community Matters) gotta love him for putting his money where his mouth is. And, he exemplifies the best of what I see in many super wealthy friends, capable of speaking the truth and willing to invest time, talent & wealth to make good things happen.

from Politico’s Playbook

TOP TALKER – Mayor Michael “Bloomberg’s Washington footprint explodes,” by Maggie Haberman, Anna Palmer and John Bresnahan : “From guns to gay marriage to immigration to infrastructure – and most recently, in the battle for billions of federal dollars in Hurricane Sandy relief – Bloomberg’s presence in Washington has grown exponentially since 2011. And he has just retained three Republican lobbyists to press Congress on new gun control measures …

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Broadway Bares

broadway bares burlesque back(Community Matters) The 22nd Broadway Bares, Winter Burlesque,” raising money for Dancers Responding to AIDS – Boy Culture pics, and Boy Culture NSFW pics

Support Ending Discrimination at Boy Scouts

boy scouts(Community Matters) Send messages in favor of nondiscrimination. The Boy Scouts of America board is scheduled to discuss the matter of ending the gay discrimination ban next Wednesday. Right wing groups are voicing their loud opposition.

Their National Service Desk at 972-580-2330. A representative will answer and ask if you are for or against the policy change. Emails to nationsupportcenter@scouting.org. GLADD also suggests posting support on their Facebook page

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Viva Italia

(Community Matters) Vanity Fair’s Italian Cover this month – Italian Dancer Roberto Bolle, currently a principal dancer with American Ballet Theatre


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