Daily Archives: 01/09/2013

Tom Cruise and the head of Scientology?

TomCruiseDavidMiscavige-thumb-250x175(Community Matters) isn’t that an interesting thought. Evidently a new book about Scientology and Tom Cruise intimates a certain relationship with the global chairman of Scientology, David Miscavige.


Gun Control

(Community Matters) Gosh knows I’m not shy for fights (I could stand to be a bit more); nevertheless, increasingly, I’m sensing that we should build more national consensus before imposing anything beyond a ban on large volume magazines and semiautomatics. It’s feeling like we’re wedged over a drum of explosives. Unreal or simply conspiracy stories, it’s hard for many of us to imagine the fear I’m sensing among otherwise logical, sensible neighbors.

I’m reminded, we must stop and listen, demonstrate we’re at least listening and trying to understand if we’re to have any chance of persuading.

Austin Thirty Somethings Rock

ausitn monthly shea little(Community Matters) Stumbled across Austin Monthly’s Thirty Somethings Rock article featuring Shea Little (pictured herein), Christal Cureington-Sims, Polly Chandler, Dan Graham, Nick Goggans, Hayden Briggle, Nina Godiwalla, Paul Dalglish, Courtney Clark, Emily Marks, Lauren Larson, Homero Gil de Zuniga, Natalie Madeira Cofield, Jeff Nichols, Plinio Sandalio, C.K. Chin, Simone Wicha, David J. Neff, Wes Hurt and Paige Hill. Have to say, I haven’t read Austin Monthly in a while; impressed with the magazine. We should read it regularly.