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On the Double Standard of Religous Freedom

(Community Matters) The Barna poll, conducted in November 2012

“they also want Judeo-Christians to dominate the culture”

“They cannot have it both ways,” he said. “This does not mean putting Judeo-Christian values aside, but it will require a renegotiation of those values in the public square as America increasingly becomes a multi-faith nation.”

Also, it’s a big deal that 71% of Evangelicals polled fear religious freedom is threatened.

And 72 percent of evangelicals also agreed that gays and lesbians were the group “most active in trying to remove Christian values from the country.” That compares to 31 percent of all adults who held this belief.

Important for us to account for into our advocacy. We’d have to understand more if there’s anyway to promote LGBT equality without tripping this wire.

The article notes “a March 2012 poll sponsored by Religion News Service and the Public Religion Research Institute, which found that a majority of Americans — 56 percent — did not feel that religious freedom was under attack in this.”

A Fly on the Wall

(Community Matters)

As one CEO lectured the senators about fiscal responsibility, compromise and shared sacrifice, an aide to Reid passed the majority leader a note saying that the CEO’s company had paid an effective tax rate of zero for the past year, according to a source in the meeting. Reid showed the note to Schumer, sitting next to him. “Don’t do it, Harry,” Schumer whispered, trying to head off one of Reid’s famously biting rebuttals. Reid bit his tongue, but the credibility of the corporate titans had been undone.

Interesting article about blow back to financial CEOs lobbying but those lines especially resonated