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New Years Eve

(Community Matters) hard to believe it’s the last day of 2012. It’s been an awesome year, and we’re looking forward to 2013.  mindful that not all families see the past year the same way & may 2013 be theirs


The rest of our tribe’s arrived. In addition to the David Tomlinsons, Freelands, Ratliffs, Hughes’, Hartgrove/Cooper, HillTop Hotties, Berman/Johannsen families: Tana, Joe, Leigh, Charles, Lily & Ivy Christie, Margo Weisz, Benjamin & Gregory Brooks, Jill McRae & Stephen Yelenosky, Allison Orr, Blake Trabulsi, Genevieve & JoJo, Shawn Sides & Graham Reynolds, and there are others but names are currently escaping me. Oh well, I’ll post pictures tomorrow


Davis Mountains Preserve

(Community Matters) Many thanks to staff and volunteers at The Nature Conservancy’s Davis Mountain Preserve for putting together today’s hikes and lunch for all our friends visiting Marfa. muchas gracias a Susan Ghertner for making the arrangements.

Marfa New Years Day – 2

pizza foundation(Community Matters) I hadn’t captured well who’s arriving when. Nice surprise when our cousins (Dave, Lisa, Cadence & Laurel Tomlinson) arrived on Thursday, followed late that night by the Freelands (parallel family to Dave & Lisa, also from Dallas). Unexpected and delightful surprise to see our cousins the Ratliffs (Remi, Shannon, Caroline & Harrison) yesterday, even connecting the kids together with the Tomlinson/ Freedland tribe. And, meeting the Dallasites for dinner at Pizza Foundation, lo & behold, there’s Kim & Kyle Hughes.

Richard Hartgrove & Gary Cooper arrived yesterday but to Ft. Davis I think. Expect them here tomorrow. Susan Ghertner, Hazel Barbour & Christina Guiterrez arrive this evening – the entire Christie clan too, yeah! Not sure when the Berman/Johannsen family. Many more tomorrow  and Monday.

Death Valley

death valley(Community Matters) Death Valley – hottest place on this Earth

I have a fond memory of speeding over a dune and nearly crashing into the back of an old stalled car (a Falcon I think). An older woman was in the car, returning from buying groceries. David Suarez and I gave her a ride to her home (a town of maybe 10 if I remember correctly). She was the first person I ever met who’d been born in Paris, Texas. I think this was in 1980 or 81.


Jordache Ads Were Provocative Too

(Community Matters)

Admitting a Prejudice Against Playing Gay

nick brown(Community Matters) An otherwise gay-friendly, gay-roommating, youngish, stylish actor is surprised to learn he’s hesitant to take a gay role – The Atlantic. 

Toni Morrison

toni morrison home(Community Matters) I haven’t read her latest novel yet but enjoyed this morning’s rebroadcast of the NPR On Point interview with Toni MorrisonI highly recommend the podcast. She’s the only living American winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature and has won the Pulitzer and received the Presidential Medal of Freedom.  


A George Orwell Plot

(Community Matters) “As with the Christian religion, the worst advertisement for Socialism is its adherents.”

Hagel & Friends of Israel

(Community Matters) “The only thing standing between Israel and national suicide any more is America and its willingness to tell Israel the truth. But most U.S. senators, policy makers and Jews prefer to stick their heads in the sand, because confronting Israel is so unpleasant and politically dangerous.” Thomas Friedman in NYT column

too true. I’m not a Hagel basher just want assurances he’s fully and unequivocally evolved on LGBT equality, including marriage, before proceeding

Best Essays of 2012

(Community Matters) David Brooks describes and provides links

Merry Christmas

(Community Matters) 

Merry Christmas

es st xmas fiesta

Shady Hook

(Community Matters) “One of these mothers from Connecticut should do an Emmett Till moment; show the picture of their child dead in the classroom.”