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Legislative Battle for Education Reform, Beware Trojan Horses

trojan horse(Community Matters) As Dr. Anthony of Raise Your Hand Texas predicted, we’re seeing the first wave of vouchers introduced (or vouchers by another name) Tuition Tax Credits & Alternative Accreditation – AAS: Inside a Catholic elementary school State Senator Dan Patrick & Lt Gov Dewhurst introduce five-point education reform package that includes a plan for helping public school students attend private schools.

Patrick’s “tax credit” funding solution for private schools will take from the general budget, decreasing public school funding – thus a voucher by another name.

I’m told we’re yet to see more aggressive voucher proposals in the coming weeks, likely from Senate Finance Chair Tommy Williams.


GOP Hostage to Protection Racket

(Community Matters) Richard Painter’s guest editorial in theĀ  NYTimes – helpful frame for thinking of all the groups hijacking the GOP primaries

Assault Weapons Ban

ASSAULT-articleLarge(Community Matters) A super NYTimes article from two perspectives: 1) the reality of what passing an assaults weapon & high-capacity magazine ban and 2) lessons learned about allowing swiss cheese exceptions