Daily Archives: 12/21/2012


Another example of the right wing living in an echo chamber. Like the Romney campaign, these folks probably thought they were proposing a winning solution, though they failed to focus group the plan outside their supporters. What a horrific PR disaster – literally threatens the entire organization’s relevance.

As for the efficacy of arming teachers or hiring security guards or armed volunteers – Nidal Malik Hasan killed 13 & wounded 29 others at the most populous army base in the world, Fort Hood – where even most of the victims were armed. As to armed volunteers, images of George Zimmerman come to mind.

It will not serve us well for them to remain so far outside reality. We’re talking about 4mm well-armed, passionate folks who we don’t need to make feel threatened. 8k more Americans are now joining everyday. I’m hearing there are lines outside gun shops.

We need to proceed thoughtfully and carefully.

As an FYI – I believe in the right to bear arms. I don’t think it extends to automatic & semiautomatic weapons. I also believe the rights of citizens’ safety allow us to place certain restrictions and conditions on the right to carry these arms.