Daily Archives: 12/07/2012

A Voucher by Other Names

red school house(Community Matters) Taxpayers Savings Grants, Tuition Tax Credits, Full Time Virtual Schools, & Texas Families First – Speaking with Dr. David Anthony of Raise Your Hand Texas yesterday about threats to Texas public education, I asked what euphemistic language might be used to disguise vouchers in the upcoming legislative session.

Tuition Tax Credits – Texas corporations would be allowed to donate to any private school and take a deduction against their Texas franchise tax bill.  Tax Payers Savings Grants – will be sold as saving money – parents given a credit for 60%ish of per capita state funding and state saves rest (subtracting 100% from public school). Texas Families First – a separate accountability system and assessment criteria with a “voucher of last resort” provision. Full Time Virtual Schools – even home schooling might qualify. Problem with most of these (aside from taking scarce resources from already underfunded public schools) is the lack of oversight and accountability. I remain a fan of charter schools with strong performance records and accountability.