Daily Archives: 12/29/2012

Marfa New Years Day – 2

pizza foundation(Community Matters) I hadn’t captured well who’s arriving when. Nice surprise when our cousins (Dave, Lisa, Cadence & Laurel Tomlinson) arrived on Thursday, followed late that night by the Freelands (parallel family to Dave & Lisa, also from Dallas). Unexpected and delightful surprise to see our cousins the Ratliffs (Remi, Shannon, Caroline & Harrison) yesterday, even connecting the kids together with the Tomlinson/ Freedland tribe. And, meeting the Dallasites for dinner at Pizza Foundation, lo & behold, there’s Kim & Kyle Hughes.

Richard Hartgrove & Gary Cooper arrived yesterday but to Ft. Davis I think. Expect them here tomorrow. Susan Ghertner, Hazel Barbour & Christina Guiterrez arrive this evening Рthe entire Christie clan too, yeah! Not sure when the Berman/Johannsen family. Many more tomorrow  and Monday.

Death Valley

death valley(Community Matters) Death Valley – hottest place on this Earth

I have a fond memory of speeding over a dune and nearly crashing into the back of an old stalled car (a Falcon I think). An older woman was in the car, returning from buying groceries. David Suarez and I gave her a ride to her home (a town of maybe 10 if I remember correctly). She was the first person I ever met who’d been born in Paris, Texas. I think this was in 1980 or 81.