Daily Archives: 12/31/2012

New Years Eve

(Community Matters) hard to believe it’s the last day of 2012. It’s been an awesome year, and we’re looking forward to 2013. ¬†mindful that not all families see the past year the same way & may 2013 be theirs


The rest of our tribe’s arrived. In addition to the David Tomlinsons, Freelands, Ratliffs, Hughes’, Hartgrove/Cooper, HillTop Hotties, Berman/Johannsen families: Tana, Joe, Leigh, Charles, Lily & Ivy Christie, Margo Weisz, Benjamin & Gregory Brooks, Jill McRae & Stephen Yelenosky, Allison Orr, Blake Trabulsi, Genevieve¬†& JoJo, Shawn Sides & Graham Reynolds, and there are others but names are currently escaping me. Oh well, I’ll post pictures tomorrow