Daily Archives: 12/15/2012

One Word

one word(Community Matters) Steven and I have a new years tradition of selecting one word to guide us through the upcoming year. It’s more sustainable and more comprehensive than new years resolutions, at least for us. We’ve been sharing this practice with Michael Barnes and Kip Keller for many many years. Steven and David Marc Cohen started the tradition in the early 90s.

I failed miserably at my word for 2011 – LESS. Imagine I did better w/ 2010: LET’S PLAY (that’s almost a lay up). Certainly better w/ last year’s – TRANSITION. Have been thinking about this year’s, could be AMPLIFY, or could be RADIO, or could be EXCELLENCE – still thinking

Steven ran across a new book out about this practice – One Word that will Change Your Life

updated for provenance & 2010

updated again for my final word: DEFINE. I work on so many projects with so many team members, I want to do a better job of defining vision, ambitions, objectives and success. Also, Steven decided we didn’t love the book.