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dessa(Community Matters) “Inspiration is more like catching a wave than going to a well.” – Dessa, aka Margret Wander

Hillary Clinton

hillary clinton(Community Matters) Enlightening? Telling?

“Of all the issues Mrs. Clinton has worked on over the years, the one nearest her heart is improving the status of women and children around the world. … [F]ormer aides say that Mrs. Clinton drew a lesson from her 2008 run: she believes that the country approves of her, and of female candidates in general, when they appear to be serving others rather than seeking power out of personal ambition. By that logic, Mrs. Clinton’s interest in helping poor women around the world would not hurt her politically in 2016 and might add to her current politician-above-politics luster. … [from Politico’s Playbook]


(Community Matters) Holy Mole, I’m having new career ambitions:

Politico’s Playbook: TOP ASSOCIATION CEO SALARIES, per CEO Update Managing Director Mark R. Graham, based on association intelligence and IRS 990s for tax year 2011 (seven of these include six or-seven-figure payments toward Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan, or SERP): 1) Edison Electric Institute, Tom Kuhn, $6,736,6276 … 2) U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Tom Donohue, $4,916,571 … 3) American Gaming Association, Frank Fahrenkopf, $4,632,882 … 4) Institute of International Finance, Charles Dallara, $3,930,881 … 5) American Petroleum Institute, Jack Gerard, $3,617,134 … 6) Airlines for America Airlines (formerly Air Transport Association), Nicholas Calio, $3,579,606 … 7) Securities Industry and Financial Markets Assn., Tim Ryan, $2,946,476 … 8) Business Roundtable, John Engler, $2,815,324 … 9) American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, David Karcher, $2,630,6475 …

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Charles Santos in Israel

(Community Matters) how fun!

charles santos camel israel 1212

Milinda Mitchell’s Going Away

(Community Matters) We’re gonna miss Milinda and maybe this will drive us all up to Sherman and Woodlake more often.

realizing I took pictures early and missed Judge Arth, Stephen & Denny and a couple other friends.

Not sure we’ve ever hosted just 20 people – yes less, yes more. What a civilized number. Had substantive conversations with nearly everyone.