Austin American Statesman

(Community Matters) I hate to admit it but increasingly I avoid reading the AAS. While I take home delivery, I’m usually traveling and the online pages are becoming just too cute – too many small pop up windows, folding ads, expanding ads. This is aggravating and pisses me off. I am a paying subscriber, shouldn’t be subjected to this advertising torture.


2 responses to “Austin American Statesman

  1. The Statesman website is a farce! The worst! I even posted on facebook about 6 months ago that I might cancel my subscription because their website is so bad. But, this week, I took advantage of the full-access thing for people who subscribe. You have to go in and create a user ID and password, but then you can log on and get an e-edition on your laptop or reader that looks just like the paper, including the print ads, but I don’t remember all those hideous other ads as your turn the e-pages. I’m cautiously optimistic…

  2. Agreed! I do read the (physical) paper and want to share articles with friends online and trying to find articles online is the bane of my existence. The website is just awful and the number of articles/columnists continues to dwindle. It seems to be dying a slow death, although I have been trying to hang in there. I hadn’t taken advantage of the full-access online version, Michael. Might have to try that.

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