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The Bob Hope Estate in Palm Springs

(Community Matters)  wow

bob hope estate


for sale for $50mm

Debate Over Affordable Housing for Entitlements

jw marriott(Community Matters) When will we cease rationalizing giving away public assets/rights to spur development or relocation to Austin? Of course developers will ask & lobby; they wouldn’t be good developers, or stewards of their and their investors’ monies if they didn’t. And, I support economic development incentives for some corporate locations, even local expansions . . . but I think we do so too often.

We’re almost growing faster than we can sustain. Growth is great, it’s critical – sorta like aging, the alternative is not very appealing.  Growth brings more opportunities, more jobs, more wealth . . . and more costs: infrastructure & services that we must pay for without reducing quality or quantify to existing residents . . . the idea that we have to relax affordable housing rules so developers can “afford” or “finance” their projects in one of the top markets in the country is silly. If they can’t finance their projects, it’s not because of very modest affordable housing requirements in exchange for entitlements which yield millions.  AAS Story

There are relationships between developers, their lobbyists and local elected officials which often serve our community well. It’s tough for electeds to maintain objectivity, and they must rely on outside professionals for information. There’s a cottage industry of individuals who make themselves indispensible and best friends.

update: I’ve deleted the  term “bought.” I didn’t intend it as read.