Daily Archives: 02/08/2013

Wrapping Up Birthday Week

(Community Matters) Steven and I are wrapping up my 52nd birthday week with friends celebrating Mardi Gras in Fredericksburg. My dear friends Joe Cloud & John Wallace are chairing the Fasching Ball, that starts tonight at Boot Ranch and culminates tomorrow night with a roaring, cabaret celebration at the Hangar Hotel. Amy Rudy and I are driving out early to play in Fredericksburg. Diane Land & Steve Adler, Kim & Kyle Hughes and Sandi & Bob Tomlinson are joining us for the weekend and all festivities.

fasching ball

HRC’s Chad Griffin

chad griffin(Community Matters) Enjoyed meeting HRC’s new Pres & CEO, Chad Griffin, last night at Walter & Sandra Wilkie’s super luxurious abode over dinner for potential major donors. The event was co-hosted by Lynn & Tommie Meredith, Steven & me, Jeff Eller, Heather Luecke, Todd Canon and Meghan Stabler.

Chad & Paul Begala were the main speakers. Super attendance by many major donors and HRC prospects. Steven and I joined Melba & Ted Whatley and Mark Strama at a table for dinner. Compelling (even if elongated & circuitous) stories and pitch. Chad’s an impressive young man. I’ll bet he’s taking HRC to new heights.

Bishops Reject Contraception Rule Change

bishops(Community Matters) Bishops Reject Contraception Rule Change rejecting a women’s right to contraceptives – not surprised this is coming from a group of old men w/ no accountability to anyone but other old men

update: I might stay out of the Catholic Church’s politics if it stayed out of my bedroom. They politically lobby, advocate and organize against my constitutional equality. And, even now, I’m not saying impose these rules on the church itself but the hospitals and universities are primarily public and non-Catholic funded.