50th Anniversary MLK March on Washington: Random Pics

(Community Matters) Fantastic to dine with Sonya & Reid Cramer on Tuesday night and stay at my home  away from home, The Tabard Inn. Wednesday morning, met at Georgetown University at 8, March started about 9:30, arrived at security to Lincoln Memorial/Mall at 10:15ish, 3 hours to get through security. Met lots of folks, especially Larry & Karla Bright from Fish & Wildlife who I’ve already connected to Frank & Dale Loy and Drew Scheberle. Listened to speakers. Had ride to the airport at 3pm but Pres Obama didn’t start speaking until 3:10. Lucky I’d arranged for him to wait on me or wouldn’t have made it back home in time for dinner with StevenMichael & Kip probably a couple hundred thousand looking for rides immediately after.

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sappy piece I wrote on the way home

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