Daily Archives: 10/09/2013

Self Work

lumosity(Community Matters) It’s hell getting older – not really, it’s quite fun. But, it does take some work. Started pilates with Ann Arnoult yesterday – loved it. It’s been over a year since Liz Watson moved and I haven’t done pilates since. Plus, figuring out I should be exercising my brain as much as my core. I’ve been taking the Lumosity tests and playing their games the last week – four days participation so far. The tests are interesting, umm, better said humbling. My husband would say they reinforce his observations on the decline of my attention span, memory and flexibility. Come to think of it, don’t think Steven’s the only one who’d say this. I hear a chorus of amens. I’ve upgraded to the family plan and invited my husband, mom, niece and nephew to play too. Talk Less, Listen More, Others Opinions are Their Own – still reflecting on this as it pops up on my calendar every morning. Can’t say I’m doing well but most days it impacts my interactions at least a little bit. Language – I’m behind on restarting Rosetta Stone lessons. Wrestling with whether I’ll restart French or brush up on my Spanish. Steven’s addicted to his Spanish lessons. I last overheard him,  “Ella esta enojada porque el perro le está comiendo el zapato.”

Epic Office Hours

capital factory(Community Matters) Looking forward to participating for my first time as a mentor in Capital Factory’s Epic Office Hours – when entrepreneurs get 20 minutes to pitch their startup & hear feedback.