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Kip on Greenspan

greenspan(Community Matters)   I always love Kip Keller’s comments – his comment in response to a posting/notation of Greenspan’s new book:

I know you’re just pointing readers to the Greenspan interview, but I hope you’re not indirectly promoting his book. Given his remarkably bad record at seeing how things tend to turn out, I can’t imagine he’s offering much more than the “investors are so irrational” explanation, which is isomorphic with “I don’t know what the hell’s going on.”

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Texas in Time

time texas(Community Matters) Is Texas the US future? Time Magazine – 10 Reasons Texas is Our Future.

Like my feelings about the previous post (fan of grossly imperfect capitalism and free marketsas a third generation Texan raised in the anything goes boom town of Houston in the 6os and 70s, matured in the new economy boom town of Austin since the 80s (played a lot in Dallas during the raging gay 90s and now spending as much time as any nonnative in Far West Texas, including wealthiest-place-in-the-world, Permian Basin), I love this state . . . and, no surprise, we have gross imperfections. There’s a lot to be said for incentivizing self-reliance, and we can’t be so calloused as to let folks go unfed, without medical or without shelter during inclement weather. Texans are huge philanthropists –

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Corporations in Politics

Little-Guys-55310126647(Community Matters) Good gosh, I’m not only a capitalist, I’m an enthusiastic capitalist and free market advocate. Sure I recognize the imperfections, and they’re the best systems that exist. We must regulate and govern to ameliorate their gross flaws, especially the externalizing of costs (espec pollution) AND increasingly exploitive economic clout in American politics.

I am NOT a believer that corporations “are people too” and enjoy constitutional rights – that’s just bullshit. Corporations are creations of the state, a privilege explicitly granted to encourage economic activity while granting individuals limited liability in exchange for taxes.

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Happy Birthday, Steven

(Community Matters) Friday (10/25) Steven’s 52nd birthday. Steven loved his birthday – morning massage w/ Paul, meeting with Cody, Randall & Simon, seeing Rickie in Dallas, 7 hours us two alone in the car and winding up the day with his parents in Shawnee. I’m so lucky to be married to such a spectacular human being with such simple tastes – he’s a little more challenged being married to me.