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Alamo Battleground Cries

(Community Matters) gail collins notes the craziness of elected Texas Republicans – http://bit.ly/GVyAWt. Heck, we’re seeing the light gov candidates out crazy each other. I call it their Alamo battle cries. While they might go down proud (?) and fighting (though, really, I don’t ascribe them much courage), I don’t anticipate any survivors as the purple, then blue tides sweep Texas. Every metropolitan area in our state voted for Obama (including beaumont and except Midland). It’s just a matter of time – of course those who oppose this political shift are fighting as if it’s do or die. It’s unavoidable and will be irreversible. Posted from my blackberry -tiny little keys, please excuse typos

$11 Minimum Wage for Austin Eco Incentives

austin(Community Matters) I think a $11 min wage for recipients of Austin economic development incentives is a terrific idea. I might not please some friends for saying so but I am also tired (& know most Austinites are) of taxes going up as our population grows (ie, the need for social services on top of infrastructure). Of course we need to continue prioritizing economic development and playing hard ball to get the best employers to create more jobs in Central Texas. And, I can’t think of a company I would want to attract to Austin who would balk at paying at least $11 per hour.

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Quick Dallas Trip

(Community Matter) Popped up to Dallas for an engagement party and to see Charles & Rickie. After the lovely event at a show stopper home, Charles, Ken Lambrecht and I to a blow-me-away event, the Aurora Festival at the AT&T Performing Arts Center.

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Ted Cruz Back Home

(Community Matters) While you are judging him, you gotta take perspective of his base supporters to understand his fuel. 

CRUZ-articleLarge-v2(read the message in the fence)