$11 Minimum Wage for Austin Eco Incentives

austin(Community Matters) I think a $11 min wage for recipients of Austin economic development incentives is a terrific idea. I might not please some friends for saying so but I am also tired (& know most Austinites are) of taxes going up as our population grows (ie, the need for social services on top of infrastructure). Of course we need to continue prioritizing economic development and playing hard ball to get the best employers to create more jobs in Central Texas. And, I can’t think of a company I would want to attract to Austin who would balk at paying at least $11 per hour.

Not saying I know I’m right about this. If there’s hard data about the negative implications in economic development recruiting (among the type of companies we want to attract to Central Texas), I could be persuaded by sharing that information. And, it’s time for Chamber and economic development supporters to dive into the City, County and school district budgets and figure out why the hell costs are running away. Infrastructure, capital investment taxes ought to be going down as our population grows. Bureaucracies grow and bloat – it takes leadership to trim the old down so you can build up the new. All of us who care about affordability should be demanding efficiencies and productivities in public service. I know several city and county workers who bust their asses, are very productive and efficient – and I know several whose departments are archaic.

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