Daily Archives: 10/14/2013


(Community Matters) Wow, I haven’t intended to ignore this blog. I’ve just been blowing and going the last few weeks. Good things going on in Austin and in our world. Not so good things in Washington DC. And, I’ve tried to ignore the noise.

Loved having Shaun Holifield (our nephew) here for the two weekends of ACL. Steven’s been to West Coast (last week) and East Coast (this week). Epic Office hours at Capital Factory on Wednesday during which I met with 7 different companies; I think adding value with 3, 3 were good to meet and for 1 I, regrettably, just wan’t very helpful. Suzanne Deal Booth treated friends to a private showing of the new James Turrell Skyspace at UT. I hosted dinner after for 14 friends. Friday to Houston w/ mom & dad. Doctors are very optimistic, citing mom’s very good progress rolling back effects of Parkisons given life changing medications. Back in enough time to host dinner for 4 dear friends, Aimee Boone & Ed Cunningham and Amy & Kirk Rudy, with Steven.

Lots, lots, lots going on with EF, Marfa Public Radio and otherwise in Marfa. Life is good. Steven and I are due alone time soon.