F1 Grand Prix

(Community Matters) Austin partied heartily this weekend, hosted the Formula 1 Grand Prix at Circuit of the Americas. It’s second year, I don’t think either of us have yet been out to the track, but we hear only good things and lots & lots of our friends seemed to be having much fun over the 3 day celebration. There’s ceertainly the high-end, jet set celebrations (I notice the Ludus F1 Champagne Luxury Suite was available last minute for $175,000 for 24). Andplenty of friends attended and had a blast spending more modest amounts. I believe tickets range in price from $300 to $50k . Fortunately, worries of traffic gridlock didn’t materialize the first or this year – and Austin even concurrently hosted a UT-OK State game this weekend. We might just have to get out there next year.

austin f1

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