Inspiring Days

(Community Matters) Hard to complain about my days. The most rigorous are just keeping up with all the great people I get to meet. Yesterday is a super example. Started off meeting with a referral from Brett Hurt, Andrew Chen who’s building Greater Good Labs. He and three other Bazaarvoice veterans are passionate about helping the rest of us do and motive & empower others to do good; we’re gonna try their technology with a project next month. Then with the friend of a friend, James Chestnut. He’s recovering from a near death (hospice bound) brush w/ cancer and is realizes too many recovering from near death experiences don’t have housing options, so he wants to build solutions. Haylie Rudy made a pass by my office – always a pick me up to see her (reminder to talk about happiness and correlation with being in love). Then a meeting upstairs (showing off Capital Factory’s 16th floor) with Leadership Austin Emerge classmates

Luke Nelson, Jennifer Pandya and Nicole Beckley. They interviewed me about leadership and my journey of community stewardship (ha! who doesn’t enjoy talking about themselves with a captive audience for an hour?). Lunch with Alex Chang, founder of One Technologies and a deep thinker – we talked about passions and what it’ll take to make Austin truly a world class city. Lloyd Minick & Leigh Christie about Lemonade Day plans for 2014, strategy, objectives and how we’ll execute; Lloyd’s a new, young promising member of our team. He already inspires us. Michele Mendoza about other youth entrepreneurship programs; we’ll pilot two new programs for Austin high school students in the spring – exciting stuff; we’re making it up, more soon. Random drive by visits at Capital Factory on 5 and 16; there’s not someone not passionate about something around here. Drinks at the Driskill with Tanene Allison, communications director of the Texas Democratic Party and my dear friend Beth Broderick. My gosh; I haven’t done a traditional, downtown happy hour in a long time. Wow, lots of people do. And, these two women are literally super stars – blows me away hearing just who they’ve talked to and what they’ve done in the last week. Early evening home and a long evening with Steven. Sad to hear Steven’s Uncle Bud passed away. Excited to be planning Thanksgiving for 20 at our place next week. Night in, just the two of us.Hard to get any better.

good thing I woke up at 4:30 yesterday and got some work done early

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