I’m Endorsing Andy Brown for Travis County Judge

AndyBrownJimHightower(Community Matters) I’m supporting Andy Brown for Travis County Judge – nothing against Commissioner Sarah Eckhardt. Andy’s really an entrepreneur – just happens to focus on political. He’s successfully launched and sustained several initiatives – political, business & community. He builds bridges and coalitions. He’s a good and inspiring manager. And, he’d be new on the commissioners court. We need new leadership at the county, city and state.

I’ve been listening to the friends of both candidates in the race for Travis County Judge. I like both candidates. Both sides have good points. And, I met with Andy this morning right after a long conversation with progressive business entrepreneurs and Robert Gibbs as we talked about what it’ll take to move us forward in a way that honestly promotes progressive values and jobs, solutions to transportation, affordability and quality of life. It codified my thinking about who is the right person for this job.

It’s highly unusual for sitting elected officials to endorse before a primary: Senator Watson, Mayor Leffingwell, County Attorney David Escamilla and Congresman Lloyd Doggett have all endorsed Andy – so do Steven and I.

2 responses to “I’m Endorsing Andy Brown for Travis County Judge

  1. Stephen Skaggs

    Defining Andy Brown as entrepreneurial seems like a bit of a stretch. But, I’m opening to exploring that side of his credentials. Still, he doesn’t seem to be marketing himself in that fashion. My image is a Democratic Party boss who has lined up all the usual suspects for endorsements….which is perfectly fine I suppose, except it makes me immediately want to support/vote for Sarah Eckhardt. To be honest, I don’t know who to support. But, the reasoning behind your endorsement of Andy, alas, doesn’t give me much reason to turn in his direction. I suppose I’ll look forward to the two better fleshing out their visions, which is probably my lack of paying attention rather than their lack of articulating vision.

  2. fair enough Stephen. What you should know is he’s had to fight his way up every step of the way. The establishment and the elected politicians supported his opponent for Travis County Party Chair. It’s only because he blew away all records at grassroots organizing, voter turnout – especially minority turnout, and fundraising that’s he’s so popular among precinct chairs and elected officials. I don’t think most of the electeds I cite as now supporting him did so for county chair. I say entrepreneurial because of the way he started by telling many of us what he planned to do, sought seed funding for demonstration projects (especially increasing voter participation in distinct East Austin minority precincts), then came back after proving his theory and asked for more for broader organizing. While I acknowledge Sarah has experience on the court, she’s rarely able to put together 3 votes as a commissioner; I don’t think she’ll get better at it as the county judge.

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