Perry – Sandefer Legacy

Microsoft Word - Document1(Community Matters) Ken Herman’s column – It’s the last straw for my crumbling belief that people like Jeff Sandefer care more about our state than about their ego. For years, I’ve tried to explain Jeff as well-intentioned even if naively idealistic. But, in the back of my mind, I’ve known he really meant it when he argued that those with the gold should make the rules. This came out loud and clear when we debated ethics at UT in 2002. I listened too long to him explain that he’s a libertarian and won’t give another dime to another politician – as he’s contributed over $1.5 million to candidates since 2001 (Texas Ethics Commission) and I imagine likely a whole lot more through stealth pacs.

A friend sent me Ken Herman’s column Herman: Republicans say Republican leadership has failed this morning, which I had been thinking about over the weekend. And, I read PAC targets Texas House Speaker Joe Straus  and how UT Regent Wallace Hall and Jeff Sandefer have contributed $300,000. That the story was as outrageous to a friend too was the last straw. I have no energy left to rationalize their ego-centric, devastating-to-our-state behaviors.

I don’t like writing about former friends like this. But, since I’ve defended him numerous times based on his misleading information about staying out of politics, I feel compelled.

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