Steven. Still Chill. Molokai.

(Community Matters) Steven’s on a meditation retreat; he’s loving it. 

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    • “Elegance is refusal.” — Coco Chanel22 hours ago
    • “The antidote for exhaustion is wholeheartedness.” Br. David Steindl-Rast 2 days ago
    • The silence in the midst of conversation — that’s what trust sounds like.2 days ago
    • The best teacher invites students into his own practice of observation so they can share his joy of discovery. 1 month ago
    • Take shorter turns early on in a conversation. Ask a question, share an insight, then really listen. Trust builds each time you hand off. 1 month ago
    • Customer brings the insight, you’re a commodity. You bring all the insight, you’re a consultant. Make them smarter, and you’re essential. 4 months ago
    • Fellow passenger just referred to the physiological fallout of his quick NY-Beijing roundtrip as “jet-lash.”5 months ago
    • Mentor on negotiation: “Make the pie as big as possible before you get out the knife.” 5 months ago
    • Rambling may be the best way to prepare to make a point. The key to “word economy” is verbal…7 months ago
    • Would you rather be right — or be pleasantly surprised? 7 months ago
    • Make a point. Then pause. People make decisions and discoveries in those fruitful gaps. Minds change in silence.7 months ago
    • Help your customer ask a smarter, deeper question. If they were asking the right question, they would have solved their problem already. 8 months ago
    • When I’m determined to perform well. I often miss the opportunity to make a deeper months ago
    • new site and blog launching today thanks to @codyhaltom@simonerich @randallmacon@codyjenkins 9 months ago
    • In every conversation (however brief) the quality of your attention answers your colleague’s deepest question: Do I matter? 9 months ago
    • Don’t name your new initiative. Practice it wholeheartedly, and others will tell you what to call it. 9 months ago
    • You refresh your creativity anytime you break a habit. 9 months ago
    • The most intimate reward of your work is the kind of person you become by doing it. 10 months ago
    • RT @rmatney: Blog post: via @rmatney [cc @speelunk] 11 months ago
    • “Picturing the audience naked just makes me feel overdressed.”12 months ago

One response to “Steven. Still Chill. Molokai.

  1. OK, I need to that, too. When Steven gets home, reveal the location would you?!

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