Adler – Martinez Guest Editorials

adler martinez(Community Matters) As I’m reading Mike’s guest editorial, I’m thinking to myself, good gosh . . . if this was the real Mike we wouldn’t have had to spend $1,000,000 & the last 10 months looking for a new way forward.

Have traffic, affordability, education or the quality of city services improved or gotten worse during the last 8 years?

No more putting lipstick on a pig and calling it a princess.

Slashing free rides for seniors and the disabled and borrowing tens of millions in order to establish a reserve while costs skyrocket and ridership declines does not constitute successful leadership at Capital Metro? Calling a press conference to announce you are the only proponent of the middle class, pledging to hold the line on taxes and fees, then voting to raise both the same week is more Paul Ryan than John Kennedy.


Steve Adler represents change – read his guest editorial.

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