Brentwood’s Tranquility

brentwood(Community Matters) We are one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the country, and we’ve prioritized density of development over sprawl. I’m sympathetic to neighborhoods’ nostalgia about quiet, slow traffic, lazy streets, and we shouldn’t expect quiet major thoroughfares – or even ones safe for 3 year olds to cross on their bikes. I’m glad we’re moving to council districts so neighborhoods will have representation with greater accountability while other members will act in the broadest, greatest interest for the entire city.  AAS: Burst of Growth Raises Hackles in Brentwood.

sorry, but I don’t at all get letting a 3-yo  cross Koenig on a bike (w/ or w/0 training wheels). We’ve had to install lighted pedestrian crosswalk on Guadalupe. We probably should do so in many other neighborhoods. And, we should better enforce vehicle speeds.

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